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James walking
James swimming
In The Sandpit
Sleeping in his Lunch

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This is still a bit experimental. I have stripped the quality down as much as possible to minimise the download times but it still takes a while. (I've given a guide on each page as to how long it will take with a normal connection - and it is probably only costing you pennies.)

Note: I have not set up fancy video streaming so you will not see any picture until the download is complete.

The first 2 clips are silent but I've now worked out how to capture the sound channel as well so later clips should have sound (but if first attempts hold true, the sound is a little quiet so you might have to turn the volume up).

Video 1: James walking (click here)

Video 2: James swimming (click here)

Video 3: Mat & James in the Garden (click here)

Video 4: James asleep in his lunch (click here)